Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t make the mistake of trying to resolve the problem on your own. With a Santa Ana California Lemon Law Lawyer by your side, you can get the help you need. It is hard to get the seller of the vehicle to take you seriously if you don’t have an attorney. When we are involved, they know we are dedicated to getting you a positive outcome. They won’t give us a runaround! 


We get busy applying the laws and making headway on your case. We get our clients the compensation the law says they are entitled to. Each case is unique and we carefully examine all of the variables. You may not be aware of additional laws that protect consumers in addition to the California Lemon Law. 


We state out with the lemon law and also evaluate the Federal laws. We compare them to see how we can get a client the best overall outcome in their situation. We pay attention to the laws so it isn’t difficult for us to know which best applies to a given situation. That allows us to pursue the right compensation. 

We can’t guarantee the outcome of any case, but we can tell you if we feel you meet the criteria. If all of the necessary criteria are present, we are willing to pursue the case on your behalf. Each client and case is treated individually. Each is given the time and attention it takes to get satisfactory results. The possible outcomes for a case depend on the variables. The following may be what we pursue in your case: 


A refund may be possible as the manufacturer will buy the vehicle back from you. The price they will pay may be different from what you paid for it. This depends on how long you have had the vehicle, the miles you have driven it since the purchase, and other variables. We will evaluate the current value of that vehicle and negotiate a refund amount with them.  


You may be offered a different vehicle of similar value. The exchanged vehicle will be inspected before you take ownership.  


You may qualify for financial payment from the manufacturer. It will depend on your claim and the variables of it. 


We always review the laws first to get you the best possible outcome. You are in good hands with us as your Santa Ana California Lemon Law attorney. We reach out to the manufacturer with an offer in mind based on the facts and their liability. We have the backing of both state and Federal laws. They don’t want a fight on their hands when they see our evidence. As a result, they are willing to work out a deal with us on most lemon law cases. 

There aren’t a set number of times in California to take a vehicle in for repairs before it is deemed a lemon. There are variables we closely evaluate in each case. As your Santa Ana California Lemon Law lawyer, we will apply our knowledge and the laws to your case. We are going to look at all of the following: 


Is the vehicle problem a safety risk? Does it make the vehicle dangerous to drive or undrivable? Has it left you stranded? Is there the risk of someone getting hurt or dying if you were to continue driving it? 


How many days total has the vehicle been in a shop for repairs that fall under the warranty? How many separate occasions has it been taken in for the same issue? 


There are shades of gray with the Lemon Law; most cases aren’t black and white. For example, minor issues can be inconvenient for you to deal with but they aren’t going to cause the vehicle to be classified as a lemon by California laws. The severity of the issues and how they affect the safety and reliability of a vehicle have to be closely looked at. 


As your Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney, we aren’t going to leave any stone unturned! We want to find the unique concepts within your case that demonstrate the vehicle is a lemon. We want to help you get results so you can rely on the vehicle in your possession. The laws can be hard to understand so part of our goal is to help explain them in simpler terms. The best way to get started is to call us to schedule a free consultation. We can ask questions and share information with you. 

Serious issues with a vehicle may categorize it as a lemon. When you take it in several times for repairs but have the same concerns that could make it a lemon. The vehicle may have a warranty on it, but the manufacturer is puzzled as to the reason for the problems. The vehicle may be unreliable or unsafe to drive due to the issues. All of this reduces the value of the vehicle. 

Recreational vehicles are also covered with lemon laws. Most people assume only cars and trucks are so this can be eye-opening information. The California Lemon Law includes boats and motorcycles. If you reside in a different state check to see what they include. There are consumer protection laws in California and federally that cover any type of product a consumer buys with a warranty. 

Another misconception is only new vehicles are covered by lemon laws. Both used and leased vehicles can also be covered. It all depends on the coverage for the vehicle. It is a good idea to find out such details before you complete a purchase. Some of the options offered are below: 


36,000 miles or 3 years warranty coverage by the manufacturer for new vehicles. If the vehicle is sold while under warranty, the new owner can use that coverage for the remaining miles or time. 


A buyer’s guide has to be displayed on all vehicles a dealership offers. They have to mark the box to indicate if a warranty is included or it is sold as-is. For your peace of mind try to get a vehicle with a warranty on it.  


When vehicles are classified as certified pre-owned, they have been inspected before they are available for sale. They tend to have a decent warranty on them based on those inspections. 

Each case is different, and lemon laws can be complex. The amount of time it takes for compensation to be available depends on the factors in the case. It depends on the manufacturer and how they respond to our request for compensation. The sooner you reach out to us, the faster we can apply the laws and contact them. We are aggressively going to pursue them, and they can’t ignore a Santa Ana California Lemon Law attorney. 


We want your compensation to be fair based on the facts of the case. We aren’t going to accept a low offer from the manufacturer. If they offer a lower settlement than we request, we will discuss this with you. Our suggestion would be to take the case to trial at that point to pursue what you are legally entitled to. When a case has to go to trial, it does take longer to get the compensation, but it is worth fighting for! 


We stay on top of our cases; they don’t sit around and pile up! We don’t rush to get done with cases; we take our time to properly apply the laws. We reach out to the legal sector for the manufacturer of your vehicle to get the ball into their court for negotiations. An excellent California Lemon Law Attorney is going to get your case resolved in the least amount of time. It is much faster than trying to work with them on your own. 

If you reached out to the dealership and they told you it wasn’t a lemon, don’t give up. Get in touch with us right away. They may not know the laws as we do. They may not want to work with you but we aren’t going to let them shut the door on the issue if there is a valid case. It costs you nothing to talk to us and let us evaluate it. 

You may live in California but you bought your vehicle in a different state. We can help you with such a situation. We can look at the Lemon Laws for that state. We will also evaluate any Federal laws that apply to your situation. We take the time to thoroughly look at what you qualify for. 

Each case has to be evaluated on its own merit. The settlement amount will depend on the problems with the vehicle, the value of the vehicle, and other variables. It will also depend on punitive damages that may be pursued in court. As your Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney, we will fight for you to get the compensation you are entitled to. We aren’t going to allow the manufacturer to shortchange you! 


We carefully evaluate each case and then take our information to the manufacturer. We will only accept a reasonable offer on your behalf. Our goal is to protect the consumer while holding the manufacturers responsible for lemon vehicles. We will do this through negotiation with them or through the court if necessary. 

It is true you don’t need an attorney to file a Lemon Law case. If you want to be taken seriously though we strongly encourage you to go this route. Manufacturers tend to ignore individuals and give them the run around. It can be hard to figure out which laws apply to your specific case when you try to do it alone.  


Manufacturers will deny such claims or pay a very low amount to settle them. With our Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney, you get professionals that specialize in this type of law. The manufacturers take contact from us seriously. They don’t want to end up being required to show up for court! You don’t pay us anything, so why not let us work for you? We will collect what is due to us from the manufacturer.