Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney

Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney

You never pay us upfront to start a lemon law case for you. The lack of money shouldn’t prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve. It can be hard to come up with the money to pay for an attorney when you have paid for vehicle repairs on top of your regular expenses. We will never charge you if we can’t win your case! You have nothing to lose by working with us! 


We often win California Lemon Law cases. The money paid for us in those cases rarely comes from the clients. Instead, it comes from the responsible manufacturer. They have to pay our fees and the court costs involved in the case. They are held accountable for such costs so the consumer doesn’t incur more expenses due to a lemon vehicle. 

No Cost to get a Case Started

Santa Ana California Lemon Law Lawyer

Don’t try to work out the problem with them on your own. They aren’t going to take it seriously until a lawyer is involved. The sooner you talk to our Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney about your problem the faster they can get a case in motion. They can explain what you are entitled to per California laws.  


There is no risk talking to our Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney either, there is no payment upfront. You won’t pay unless they get a positive outcome for you. In most situations, our costs are paid by the entity that sold you the vehicle. It all depends on the specifics of the vehicle. We strive to get the problem resolved for you with the compensation the law says you are entitled to. We know the laws in California inside out, and how to apply them to lemon vehicles.