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Do you have a vehicle that is a lemon according to the law?  

Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney

Rather than struggle to deal with the problem or be out your money, learn about the laws and how they are designed to protect consumers. Your vehicle is an investment, and you expect it to be safe for you to operate. You expect it to get you from one point to the next without breaking down. 

If your vehicle often has issues, it may be a lemon. It may not be safe to drive. You may have taken it in several times, but still have the same issue with it. The California Lemon Law may offer a way for you to get out from under that vehicle. If you paid for any repairs out of your pocket, you may be entitled to be reimbursed. In other situations, you can get into a different vehicle comparable in value. 


Talking to our Santa Ana California Lemon Law Attorney is the best way to learn about your options. They are aware of what the law covers and how it protects consumers. They can evaluate the details of your situation and lets you know if they feel you have a case to pursue. With the right California Lemon Law Lawyer to assist you, an entity can be held responsible if they sell you a vehicle that has plenty of issues.  

Santa Ana California Lemon Law

You have Rights under the California Lemon Law

Consumers are covered under the California Lemon Law. Such laws are in place to prevent consumers from being taken advantage of by sellers. It holds them to high standards of selling reliable vehicles. All states have such laws, but California seems to hold the sellers to a higher level of accountability than many of the others. Your case will have to meet various guidelines though to fall under these laws. 


Our Santa Ana California Lemon Law Attorney can determine if you meet all of those guidelines.

Lemon Laws Protect Consumers

Each state has its own lemon laws. They are different, but the reason for them is to protect consumers. There are Federal Lemon Laws too and we look closely at those for your case. Consumers should feel confident when they lease or purchase a vehicle. California has excellent laws to protect consumers. Knowing you can seek assistance if you do buy a vehicle and it fails to perform as it should is important. 


If that isn’t the outcome for a vehicle you purchased, don’t be out of the money. You may still owe on the vehicle but you can’t drive it due to the problems with it. Lemon laws help you get out from under such a scenario and back on the road in a reliable vehicle. As your Santa Ana California Lemon Law Attorney, we will do all we can to prove your case so you can be fairly compensated.  


We present our facts and information to the manufacturer. They are also aware of the lemon laws. Typically, they will agree to the settlement offer and the solution we present to them. If they decide not to, we will take the case to trial. Few of the manufacturers want a problem like this to be entered into the courtroom. 

All of the following must be present for there to be a legal case:

  • There is a warranty on the vehicle and the repairs it was taken in for fall under the warranty coverage.  
  • The vehicle has depreciated due to the problems. Such problems have caused the vehicle to be a safety concern or unreliable. The vehicle may not be drivable due to the ongoing problems. 
  • Attempts have been made to resolve the issue. It has been evaluated on several occasions by a licensed professional. They can’t identify the underlying problem and the issue continues to be a concern. 
  • The vehicle can’t be used only for business; it must be used for personal needs too. 

There are different options for a lemon law case to get the compensation you are entitled to.

1. The manufacturer pays the remaining balance due on the vehicle. They may owe you a refund for all or some of what you have paid on the vehicle.  


2. The manufacturer may offer a different vehicle comparable in value. The terms of the contract should be the same as the vehicle returned to them. 


3. In some situations, you receive a settlement but also get to keep the vehicle. With this type of outcome, you can’t pursue them further for the faulty vehicle. You agree that the value is decreased due to the issues with it. 


4. If the vehicle was towed or you had to get other transportation due to the problems with the vehicle, you may be entitled that to that money back. This is referred to as incidental costs. Keep all your receipts if you rent a vehicle or pay anything out of pocket. With those receipts, we can strive to get the money back for you. 


5. When the manufacturer refuses to negotiate and settle with our case, we will take it to trial for you. We can also for punitive damages in the court system. These funds are in addition to what you are entitled to as a means of holding the manufacturer responsible. It is a way to punish them and reduce the risk of them doing the same thing to future customers. When punitive damages are awarded by the courts, the California Lemon Law lawyer will receive some of that money. 

There are Exceptions from the California Lemon Law

The Lemon Law in California is one of the better ones compared to other states. However, there are still exceptions to be aware of. The best course of action is to speak with our Santa Ana California Lemon Law Attorney. We specialize in such cases and can tell you if your claim is valid due to an exception to the laws. Don’t try to make that determination on your own! 


Consumers can drive a vehicle for up to 18,000 miles or 18 months after purchase under the California Lemon Law. This applies to all types of vehicles, not just cars and trucks. It includes recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and boats. It covers vehicles that are leased or purchased. It also covers both new and used vehicles. 

Below are the most common exceptions under the California Lemon Law:

  • The vehicle is considered dangerous and has at least two major repair issues. Should you continue to drive that vehicle it could result in injury or death. 
  • The vehicle has been taken in four or more times for the same issue but still not repaired. 
  • The vehicle has been unable to be driven for at least 30 days since purchased due to the repair concerns.  
Contact us to discuss your Case

To find out if you have a case under the lemon laws, contact us to discuss the situation. We will listen to your concerns. We will see which laws apply and help you file a case. We will work hard to get you the compensation the law says you can receive due to your problems with a given vehicle.